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San Francisco, CA

Creating things has always been a passion for me, and a way to connect with the world around me. I explore and experience the world through details, textures and colors and I find inspiration in everything. I want to simply create beauty for that world. 

Clothing is the closest thing to your skin so I strongly believe it should not be made up of toxic materials and finishings. I believe that clothing is art and it should be worn, repaired, and cherished for years and years in order to take on new meanings and experiences. 

I enjoy 3D design and draping and watching the garment come to life on the knitwear machine in front of me. The 3D design process allows your ideas to blossom and grow as you create for a natural flow of creation. This distinct approach to knitwear and garment design attempts to delve deeply into what it means to envelope the body.

I think it is important to push the boundary of feminine and masculine identities and design for a ‘shared’ closet, blending those lines.

I like the idea of innovating what fashion can do, and I believe design is one of the biggest tools to activate change. As a designer, I blend sustainability and philanthropy with fashion.

Academy of Art University 2018

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Knitwear Design

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