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I work sculpturally across mediums, approaching knitwear design with 3D design and draping, watching the garment come to life on the knitting machine in front of me. The 3D design process allows ideas to blossom and grow as they are constructed for a natural flow of creation. This distinct approach to knitwear and garment design attempts to delve deeply into what it means to envelope the body, and puts an emphasis on the relationship between the wearer and the garment, the space nearest to the body- their movement in unison and apart. Conversely each piece is traversing the space between public and private art. Understanding gender is fluid and constructing clothing for all people reflecting an emphasis on longevity and durability, allowing movement and freedom in space.

For me constructing and finding design solutions led by materiality is an obsession on the tactile level. I have an intrinsic need to explore all avenues through doing. I delight in the challenge of creating with found and discarded materials, and realizing their design potential. It is extremely important to me to use what is already here instead of continuing to consume. 


Overall my work is distilling color, shape and form through materiality in mediums traditionally considered women’s work, extending criticism and commentary on contemporary rural life with whimsy, while showing an irreverence for patriarchal iconography.

Academy of Art University 2018

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Knitwear Design

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